De-Clutter Your Head

Making some headspace#1

We are all familiar with the great ‘Spring clean’ that seems to occur when the weather is apparent of its change for the better. We all anticipate and welcome the change in climate after what seems to have been such a long and miserable winter.
With this welcome change of season; we seemingly bound into the action of sorting, clearing, de-cluttering and organise the disposal of unwanted goods. Car boots-a-plenty come with the emerging daffs along the roadside. We all hope for a good summer, not just two random weeks, it seems, in the whole duration of our English Summer.
It should follow then, that if we spend time and energy on our habitats – we should, in theory spend just as much, if not more, on our own housing? No?
Housing? Ourselves. We have a great deal of cluttered matter in our heads. So why do we not spring clean our noddle’s when we do our lofts, cupboards, drawers etc?
Because it’s bloody hard work, that’s why! It takes effort and application to consciously de-clutter our minds. How do we do it? When do we do it? Why do we do it? Is it really necessary? Can’t we swerve it? Will it really matter if we don’t do it? See what I mean? So many questions, answers, predicament’s!
That’s enough to need de-clutter of the mind and we’ve only been reading/thinking a short while. Of course it is necessary! We don’t need everything that’s swimming around in our monkey brains. We need to be more mindful. Make some headspace. After all, you couldn’t keep stuffing your cupboards, drawers and lofts with ‘stuff’ indefinitely, could you?
The answer is NO. Just as we feel the calming effect, post de-clutter in our newly found Zen state and Feng shui’ed abode – we must also feel this calm and clear mind state within. When we learn to make room in our minds, we learn to make room in our hearts and lives – for ourselves and others, but mainly for ourselves.
Understanding one’s self is a tricky one. We often give ourselves excuses to avoid this task. We set about, looking outward, finding a mission for us to do, for someone else. Take someone somewhere, do something for someone, do some shopping, make some tea, make a sandwich! The list is in endless! ANYTHING! As long as we don’t have to look at ourselves. Really Look. Its hard work. It’s to be avoided at all costs!
De-cluttering of the mind is easier said than done. Why? Because it involves us really digging deep into the annals of our Psyche. When we are brave enough – yes, brave enough to do this, it is usually because we are exhausted trying to find new excuses and have run out of avoidance tactics.
Thinking about something for long enough, becomes fodder for that nagging voice to do its magic, nag, nag, nag, nag, nag, nag nag! Give it a rest?! Alright, alright!! Just stop going on, and on about it. You try to stifle the voice – it just learns to nag in silence. Nag miming. Nag telepathy, Nag sign language!
Enough already!
You’re ready.
Nag smiles.
So you drag your attention to you.
The real you.
The real deal.
The one not many know.
Including You.
Now buckle up, Buttercup. It’s going to be one hell of a ride!
When and only when you are ready, have made time and stepped up to this challenge, can you begin the journey of self-discovery. Starting with the de-cluttering and study of what makes you tick.
Time to get your duster out.
Your cerebral duster.