The Walking Revolution

We all deserve to spend time on ourselves to stay healthy, look after our bodies, feel good and be happy

Doing something that involves effort and planning is much easier if you are joining in and meeting with other like minded people.

Women Walk provides a safe setting in which people can relax and develop new friendships while gaining the many benefits of exercise.

All ages and levels of fitness are welcome. However anyone who has not exercised for a long period of time should seek the advice of their GP prior to starting.

Women Walk provides the following

  • A specialism in ‘Optimum Well-Being’ and the promotion of – walking, talking therapy, mindfulness and connecting with other interests that may be of benefit for, by and with the mature woman.
  • Opportunity to connect with others for socialising, talks, business networking, friendship and to connect with nature and your ‘inner you’.

What to Expect

Who Walks?

Anyone can join the ‘Walking Revolution’!

Young, Mature and Four Legged participants – are encouraged and welcomed. Dogs even get a doggy treat! (Sorry no horses!)

What We Do

We walk!

Walking is Safe.  With low or non-impact actions, walking is a healthy option activity for everyone with the added bonus of being fun and sociable. Turning up the intensity is easy; by increasing the speed, gradient of the terrain or distance.

Why We Walk

We walk because of the benefits that are associated with walking

  • The promotion of healing – Health and Well-being; both physically and mentally.
    Companionship. Friendship. Support Network. Sisterhood.
  • You may have been given a referral by your GP or Health Practitioner advising you to engage in gentle exercise that expedites the healing process following; ill-health, mental anguish, anxiety, injury, surgery or aggressive treatment such as chemotherapy / radiotherapy. All of which take their toll on your well-being. Walking courses can be used to complement other therapies or treatments and can be done with your GP’s advice.
  • Just taking time out from the hectic schedule of life, being there for partners, parents, children, chores.  Sparing yourself some ‘You Time’ is essential and restores balance, energy and perspective your life.
  • Socially fun. Many friendships occur as a result of meeting regularly to exercise together. We walk, talk, laugh and share often difficult situations in life; that somehow always seem ‘not so bad’ once you have articulated them either in your head or verbalised them. There is no need to discuss anything if all you want to do is walk and enjoy the elements of outdoors, nature and the natural phenomenon of life.
    Often, we finish laughing about something that once seemed so central to our ‘happiness/unhappiness’ that nothing else seemed relevant.

Contact Us

Please call or email to join us and find out more

Pauline: 07561 150 379